How to Fix Norton AntiVirus Scan Problem?

How to Fix Norton AntiVirus Scan Problem?

If your Norton antivirus gives you a Norton error during quick scanning your system. Norton antivirus always irritating is any Norton technical problem that delays users when setting up, downloading, scanning, and accessing . So, if users go through some kind of Norton antivirus problem or are unable to fix the Norton Virus Scan problem, then they can follow the instructions below to fix the problem quickly.

What Are Main Cause of this Norton Antivirus Scan Error Problem: –

  • It happens many times when the PC clock has not been set up properly.
  • Due to a failed antivirus update,
  • It was not successfully uninstalled because of an older version of Norton.
  • The server might be down temporarily,
  • Conflict with security features by Non-Norton.

A virus and other malicious software which blocks virus scanning may infect your PC.

Are you facing a Norton Antivirus Scan Problem on your PC?

Norton Antivirus Scan Problem

If your Norton Antivirus Scan Not Running issue is still not resolved, please feel free to contact Norton Support 24×7 or 365 days at any time. In order to have access to 100 % customer  loyalty, the technical experts provide you with with the desired technical assistance for your Norton antivirus problems by providing you with the essential research studies for your problems.

Here Steps How to Fix Your Norton Scan issues Problems?

Norton is the most commonly used antivirus software, which is explained by specialists to protect your PC from various malware activities. The extraordinary, convincing renditions of Norton antivirus are extremely designed to increase the security of your PCs and tablets when you browse through internet on multiple sites. Although the introduction of the famous Norton Antivirus on your PC is clever, it can also be unsafe when a few issues occur in this antivirus framework. The Norton users face Norton Antivirus Scan issues, Norton Antivirus Not Scanning problems according to the Norton Survey.

Let’s see some steps or methods for troubleshooting:-

The Norton Antivirus Scan not Working, so try these ways:—

Method 1: Try Checking the Time Setting of Computers


  • First, users should check their PC clock is configured properly setup or not
  • The clock requires users to check the day, month, year, and time zone.
  • The day, month, year, and time zone need to be checked.
  • If users discover that their setup is not accurate, then they can change the settings. Users need to restart the PC after that and try virus scanning again.
  • If this issue still persists, users can move to the next steps to solve it.
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Method 2: Remove the Complete Manner from the Old Version of Norton.



First, download the Norton Removal Tool from the Norton website and uninstall all Norton products from your computer, such as Norton 2003, Norton 360, Norton System Works 12.0 and other Norton products.

  • Make sure that you have the installation CDs to reinstall theses type’s items.
  • Then save it to the desktop after downloading the Norton Removal Tool.
  • Double-click the Norton Removal Tool icon next, and follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions for reinstalling your old Norton antivirus product.
  • Then restart your PC and then reinstall the new Norton product and upgrade it.

Method 3:- Uninstall Other Antivirus Software or Third-Party Protection Software

  • If users have installed on their device some other antivirus or third-party protection or firewall software, they must install the software on the system/PC.
  • To do this, open the system’s “Control panel” and select the “Add or Remove Programs” option. Then find, select, and uninstall the security software or third-party software.
  • Users can easily follow these steps and also apply the above steps to fix the problem when Norton security suites quick scan not working.

Method 4:- To verify some virus infection, download and run the Norton Power Eraser


If it’s detected, users can check Virus Infection on their device, then uninstall it.

  • Users must download the Norton Power Eraser tool from EndUserProfile en us download-install/current/solutions/kb20100824120155.
  • Then download it to the desktop and “Save”
  • Next, only run this tool by double-clicking on the file NPE.exe.
  • Then the window opens, and then the “Yes” button occurs.
  • Read the license agreement, terms and conditions and click the “Accept” button.
  • Then search your PC for viruses, and then try to download the program for Norton Security.
  • If the users still have a problem, or want to know why my Norton 360 is not scanning, then only by connecting the trained and qualified technicians can they help remove the problem in a comprehensive way.

Watch Video- Norton Antivirus Scan Problem

Prevention Offered when coping with the Scanning Process:

  • The antivirus software catches the malware program and then proceeds to regularly clean the device.
  • The subscription-based Norton Antivirus Scan for Malicious Software offers multiple protective layers that can avoid any kind of malware attack on the computer’s internal system.
  • The antivirus helps prevent malware from entering the device through a lot of security issues.
  • An online scan lets the user know whether or not the device is virus-affected.
  • Sometimes it is very important to provide a support service in case there is anything wrong with the installing of the antivirus.

Users have a recovery tool that enables the subscriber to re-run their device. Some of the subscription-based antivirus systems offer their users to free technical support.

Norton Antivirus’ Support Desk Call Toll-Free To Connect Experts

If users encounter any of the above problems or other problems related to Norton Antivirus renewals, if they have a case of a malware or other unusual internet connections on their Mac, because of malware and root, iOS device, or they may be interrupted by the Norton Antivirus software feature. In these cases, to quickly delete any such issue from Norton Antivirus Renewal Support online, users can easily contact us at . Your antivirus software isn’t working properly because of unwanted applications, and you need to remove the virus right away. By searching for Antivirus Support near me, you should be able to get in touch an online antivirus support service.

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