How to Resolve Norton 360 Error 8504, 104 in Windows 10?

How to Resolve Norton 360 Error 8504, 104 in Windows 10?


Here Steps by Steps How to Resolve Norton 360 Security Error 8504, 104 in Windows 10?. When it comes to the best security software products on the market, Norton antivirus is among the most popular software in all over world. It is well-known for delivering highly security solutions. Norton antivirus’s strong firewall is renowned for delivering the best network security. It includes monitoring your network and stops malicious content from entering or exiting the system. You can browse the internet without any problems if you use the Norton firewall.

Other best features of Norton provide a powerful scanning tool, Norton VPN, parental control, password manager, and much more to keep your information secured. Norton’s robust interface means that you’re using the antivirus in any situation. Norton users simply receive any compile-time errors. When it comes to runtime errors, Norton 360 Security Error 8504, 104 is a popular and something most users encounter. This error is a big pain, and it needs to be fixed immediately.

The Most Common Causes of Norton Internet 360 Security Errors 8504 and 104 are:

Norton internet Security Error 8504 and 104


Norton Error 8504 is a type of runtime error that can happen for a number of reasons. If you get this error after downloading Norton antivirus software, it means there was a problem with the configuration. Norton Security Error 8504 may be caused by an incomplete or corrupt installation. If you get this error after installing new software on your computer, it means that your software is incompatible with Norton. Runtime errors can also be caused by lost Norton files or malware infection.

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Trying to Fix Norton 360 Security Error 8504 104.

Runtime errors are frequently fixed by restarting the system. If you find yourself in a similar situation, close all open programmes and restart your computer. However, if the problems continue, you can try the solutions mentioned below to fix Norton Error 8504:

Norton Error 8504

Remove any Unnecessary items from the Computer.

Temporary files, caches, cookies, and other junk not only take up too much space but also cause errors. You can clean out your system on a regular basis. Remove the junk with Disk Cleanup to fix Norton Error 8504 104.

  • Click the Start button.
  • In the search bar, type command.
  • Hold the ctrl and shift keys together, then click the enter key.
  • On the pop-up box, press the yes button.
  • In the command prompt, type cleanmgr and press enter.

The Tool will Start Calculating the lot of Bandwidth that is currently occupied.

  • You’ll be given a list of items to remove from the device.
  • Select all files, including temporary files.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Now restart the system and see if Norton antivirus is available.
  • Undo the most recent changes

If you receive Norton Security Error 8504 after installing a software application, you can restore the system using the Windows undo feature. To restore your device, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Look for a system restore option.
  3. Fill in the administrator credentials.

Your system will be restored if you follow the on-screen instructions. Other methods for fixing Norton Antivirus Error 8504 involve upgrading PC device drivers, fixing registry entries, using system file check software, and reinstalling Norton, among many others. To complete your setup, go to the Norton website at or call +1-855-590-2854.

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